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we're rethinking textiles for change, connection and meaning

it all began with our love for the planet, and the urge to make sustainability mainstream. a look in our closets, raised a simple question: what's the story behind these garmentsfarmers, weavers, sewers, brands, you...there's quite a lot of story behind a single piece of fabric. our "add to cart" impulse has resulted in exploiting natural resources, producing more than is actually needed and huge environmental impacts due to the amount of textile waste.

so this is where we come in...

we're making visible all the loops in the life of textiles. we're helping you think preloved and keep things circular. we're finding ways of using textile waste to create repurposed unique pieces made with love, just for you and your home. all our pieces are made from samples, dead stock or anything really that's left of that textile. handmade by our seamstresses, we do our best to repurpose and upcycle every single bit of it: that’s why sizes may be unusual, there may be slight imperfections, all their appearances are absolutely unique and when they’re gone, they’re gone forever…
…but that’s just the beauty of keeping it circular...

we believe in happily ever after, do you?       

what we do