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we're thinking with purpose

at circle we save and awaken textiles. we partner with amazing brands to rescue and repurpose their unwanted textiles, to increase their lifespan to its full potential. before waste, now home textiles. we feature (very!) exclusive and limited capsule collections that harmonise design and lifestyle purpose, to reflect our sustainable mindset. our textiles are sourced from other brands, so we don't know what's coming and what will be available. all our pieces are made of materials that were unused and considered waste, which makes their appearance absolutely unique, perfectly imperfect and naturally beautiful.

from napkins to mousepads, from 1 to 50 pieces, from organic cotton to leather, what will be joining our circle? who knows?...but that's just the beauty of keeping things circular.

here's how things roll around here...

we believe in loving more and making the most of what is already in circulation. help us create new narratives and build a home full of meaning and purpose! 

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