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how we're conscious

literally born with production in a garage (we know...what a cliche)

(ilustração garagem)

The pursuit of the new is a human instinct. Our uncontrollable need to search for our next source of excitement, the next micro hit of dopamine, the email notification saying #your order has been dispatched… Newness is everything.

While we think to ourselves: just one more scroll, just one more page, we need to ask ourselves: have I used the last item I bought more than once? When was the last time I repeated an outfit? Do I really need this? 

circular fashion 






Global clothing production has doubled in just 15 years,


After the incident Rana plaza – visibile supply chains/Fashion revolution/ transparency


Production  of fabrics


and in 2019 Brits have spent an stated 2.7 billion on clothes only worn once.

 Better wayt o celebrate our clothes.


Textile waste stats

Pollution fashion industry

Tons that are landfilled

Impact on environment – climate change



 (ilustracao packaging) - so we really keep it circular all the way.